Comments : Do the Clouds that Pass Through the Horizon Comfort You?

  • 8 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Such a dreamy, introspective write! (Which I seem to see a lot of your pieces as). I love how you personified this, and that it made me think of the symbolism of "your sky", perhaps being your soul? Wanting some relief, some shelter from everything that burns you out in life. And not necessarily wanting rain, but wanting something to quench you. I think clouds can often be an ominous sign (if it's a particular type of cloud, which I don't know the differences between them haha), and what it can signify, like an oncoming storm. But you've found a home in them. Whether that's a temporary comfort, a security blanket, like staying in your zone and space you know, or learning to take whatever life comes your way. I can't get over the first line too, about clouds holding memories, and this line particularly:

    "I’m only trying to
    understand how the
    horizon opens up
    to you."

    That made me think of an openness and acceptance that you're still trying to reach. A complete vulnerability; perhaps you want to keep the clouds in sight and close so you don't feel too far away from the memories. When the sky is vacant, and vast, and expansive, you have to confront yourself, and no one else. And that can be a scary thing. These clouds can represent so many other things to people, what they hold on to, what they believe or rely on to shield them from the harsh reality that we sometimes have no choice but to face head-on.

    I feel this poem is open to so many interpretations, which is what I absolutely adore about your poetry!

    • 8 months ago

      by Star

      You're actually close with what I had in mind while writing this. Do you know how sometimes you feel so many emotions and they're intense (like you become so happy about the simplest things), then others you feel nothing at all? It's like you have two different people inside of you, in two opposite sides of the spectrum. I hope this makes sense lol

      Thank you for the great comment!!