Once Loved, Twice Failed

by Walter   Jan 8, 2022

Have you once loved, but now have moved on
That person, no longer in your heart
Years have passed, since they have been gone
And unspoken, you both stay apart

But a recent encounter, where you would meet
Have caught you, totally unaware
And each of you frozen, white as a sheet
Where all you can manage, is stare

Small talk is made and smiles would appear
Conversations start and then grow
Slowly your bodies begin to draw near
Reminiscing, about so long ago

Minutes would pass and plans are then made
To meet up at a café
But while getting ready, your thoughts are dismayed
Should you be going this way?

Does true love have, only one chance
To be forgotten, if it has failed?
Does broken love, turn to romance
When the past, all is unveiled?

Where memories, might be buried deep
But still manage, to pull all your strings
Or is this a mountain, that's way too steep
Which is doomed to once again sting?


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