Wherever Feelings Flow

by Walter   Jan 22, 2022

Today I have no map
on where I want to go
Your love that pulls my strings
And this which I will follow

A whole new world exists
With unknown directions
Where our paths seem to cross
At every intersection

Suddenly there is no rush
From here we both detour
A new path which is taken
Which neither of us sure

The sights they feel familiar
But streets here have no name
Although we are not lost
We know from where we came

Where each of us will follow
And both of us will lead
Our surroundings are so beautiful
We no longer have to speed

With nature all around us
The air is fresh and pure
And here that we both pause
Each finding our allure

Because this place called love
Is found within our hearts
And there are no directions
With either maps or charts

But true love does exist
Where both your hearts will know
And this oasis always found
Wherever feelings flow


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