Loves Tail

by Walter   May 25, 2022

Has love changed throughout the years?
Will broken hearts still cause tears?
Do people pause or just move on?
And does it hurt when it's all gone?

I've seen with colleagues and with friends
How they react when their love ends
It seems as soon as love turns sour
The years they shared is like an hour

Just let go and forget the past
You can't hold on what doesn't last
You deserve more there's plenty of fish
And have anyone out there you wish

Encouragement is all that's heard
To move right past what just occurred
But no one seems to rant or rave
That with your love you still might save

I often think if that was me
Would this be also what you'd see?
But I feel that love might have a cure
When once it felt so true and pure

To not lose you of course, I'd fight
And try to make our wick ignite
Love is cold when you just blame
When you no longer have its flame

Because all love will have its lows
And if this might be what you'll oppose
You will only ever see loves tail
When each and everyone will fail


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