A Love Lived In The Past

by Walter   Jul 15, 2022

When starting life without you, of all I used to know
When holding on so firmly, not wanting to let go
Each second drags so slowly and wishing they would pass
Each grain of sand is frozen, through the hourglass

And time is not a cure, when living in the past
And here you're not forgotten, when memories always last
Where retracing every step, while all of them still show
Where yours are slowly fading, the further that I go

How we would start to drift, our love no longer glue
How steps become divided, begin to split in two
Though neither of us stop, nor want to turn around
Though each step that is taken, is now on shaky ground

We had so much to live for, from since we said "I do"
We always had been faithful, our love remaining true
When looking in the past, our love just seemed so right
When looking in the future, we both could see a light

So how did we end up, on paths now all alone?
So why did our love cease, when it was carved in stone?
And yes, there is a saying, that love should be set free
And no it's not an answer, without you next to me

Now time will never pause, regardless where it's spent
Now I spend every moment, wondering where you went
While starting life without you, it's now I have three lives
A present, past and future, but live where we survive


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Latest Comments

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Olwin Mcdonald

    It's hard to understand how love can turn around :/
    But it's never forgotten ????
    And that's what you grasp in this poem that just touched my heart.

    Well written and expressed Walter... You write beautifully.

    • 2 weeks ago

      by Walter

      Thankyou Olwin...I am just as touched by your beautiful comment!