The Meadow

by Rianna Blight   Aug 3, 2022

I had hoped your hooves help me stand stronger
you wild spirit keep mine longer
the swish in your tail giving back my attitude
the derailed rail give a fire of gratitude
for all the extra fences he bought me
and all in all, it was he
who blessed me with such a gift
for that is you
never was i angry at you
but with him
selfishly abandoning you and me
leaving behind his life to be
the horses with fire extinguished beneath
I ask for you your aid
in filling in his place
though your love
strong as can
be deserves another place in my heart

He abandoned me
he left me behind
who knew love lost was such a sad kind
now all I have
my horses and me
shall grow bond stronger
than the between we
my anger boils
but now i'm calmed
for i saw the note
written by you on my arm
the tattoo saying
' i'll always be there for you
your safe in my arms'

The horses now calmer
now I do not rely on their strength
but them on mine
we speed through the meadows
fast as could be
to visit the place
where you eternally sleep
we say our prayers
cry our tears
then run with excitement
for years and years
until it's time for me to join you

Then the thought
what about my mares?
the sit their silent
but in dismay
they feel me slipping slowly away
then there i stand getting on Her back
we ride to the meadow, though never come back
there they surround me
with all of their warmth
then the join me
as I join you
we all go peaceful
in the small meadow groove


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