Rekindling The Flame

by Walter   Sep 22, 2022

We met in the summer
On a night that was still
Underneath the first star
A wish to fulfill

Our time that was made
Our future and past
We began moving forwards
Together at last

Neither of us rushed
And both moving slow
Although we both sensed
Our love start to grow

Learning our traits
And how we compare
To starting a life
Together we'd share

But I am amazed
How quickly that's torn
Without any signs
Or something to warn

Love can be bliss
With how we both feel
For you it repaired
Your heart left to heal

A flame left behind
Which you would erase
But when he returned
There still was a trace

We all have our secrets
That neither of us show
But yours can't be hidden
The way you would glow

And so who am I
To stand in your way
To the years you once shared
Compared to our days

Love can be cruel
If you're carrying a scar
When your doors are not locked
But also ajar


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