Never Rush To Fall In Love

by Walter   Sep 26, 2022

Do you remember when, we'd lay on the grass
With nothing to do, but let the time pass
Sharing adventures, our life full of dreams
Making a wish with first star light that beams

We were both young, and how could we know
The promises we made, don't always show
When love was our mountain, we would both yearn
To climb to the top, with each twist and each turn

But we were foolish, to reach there so fast
Rather than making, the moments that last
When love must be earned, with memories to guide
To face shaky ground, when we'd slipped and we'd slide

The path that we followed, soon came to a split
And different directions for us that were lit
We couldn't agree, with what was in sight
When you would turn left and I would turn right

Although in the end, we both reached the top
Our love on that path, somewhere would stop
Because love is the journey, of moments you share
And never the quickest, path to lead there

Here we both stood, but below we would find
Our green patch of grass, we left far behind
When love was abundant, once true and pure
And the peak of our mountain, remained just a lure


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