Hold On To Love

by Walter   Oct 4, 2022

My love is like a Dandelion
Letting go of all its seeds
Whenever a storm seems to pass
Its hunger it will feed

Becoming lost within the breeze
Where each one I can't trace
The gorgeous flower which it was
No longer shows its face

Leaving me no other choice
To move on and let go
And hoping that I find a seed
Where love might start to grow

A flower bud slowly sprouts
To a beautiful allure
When love begins to show its face
And once again so pure

As it starts to grow and bloom
Absorbing warmth of sun
As long as love won't fan the breeze
Which last time made it run

My love is now a sunflower
But this time left sun-dried
And if that storm might pass again
Its seeds will be denied


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