I'm Truly In Love With You

by DavidPCarroll   Nov 2, 2022

I'm Truly In Love With You.

You are the happiness in my life
And the love deep inside my heart
And our heart's beat in rhythm
As the little birds sing along
To our favorite love song and
You are my Moonlight
And my star's twinkling
Every night

And I lay a gentle kiss
Upon your lips

And you take my breath
Away setting my soul
On fire every day and I'm in love
And it's truly a magical feeling,

And you are the oxygen
That keeps me alive
And the smile on my face and
You are my heart beating
In this sunny warm place
And the happiness you bring me
And no words can ever say
Sweetheart how
I Truly Love You
So much every day.

© 2023 David P Carroll.


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