Chaos Patrol (A Dungeons & Dragons Tale)

by Dino Dhamphyr   Jan 14, 2023

The wizard stood, at the edge of the gate,
A portal to a realm, of chaos and hate.
He had heard of a power, that could be found,
The spell that would close it, and keep it bound.

His courage was strong, and his will was true,
Yet the demon's power, only seemed to grew.
He had come for a purpose, twas to slay,
But the demon's power, seemed to sway.

He channelled all, his energy and will,
Soon the demon's power, began to still.
The spell was cast, the gate was sealed,
The demon banished, the wizard healed.

He had done what he, had come to do,
Banished the demon, the portal too.
His courage and will, were strong and true,
He had done what he, had come to do.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Larry Chamberlin

    This tale is simple and direct. It is a hero short story set in abbreviated fashion. I would like to see it expanded to include details: the chant being made (included as dialogue), the struggle of the demon (there must be a risk to the wizard presented, a potential for harm or death), the final defeat set out in detail. All in all it is a brief but tasty sample of a great epic. I would remove the extra punctuation as well. Too generous use of commas detracts from the spell of the narrative.