Stiches of the Heart

by Dino Dhamphyr   Jul 27, 2023

In the concrete jungle, where hearts collide,
Our love once thrived, emotions running wide.
But now it's shattered, tears I can't hide,
Leaving scars like stitches on my heart, inside.
I said, "Baby girl, you know I gotchu, we tight like glue,
You my ride or die, I'm so in love with you."
She smiled, stars in her eyes shining bright,
"Boy, you're my world, you make everything right."
We danced through the streets, hand in hand,
Inseparable like a band, we had it all planned.
But life got tough, and love came at a cost,
Our hearts entwined, but now love's been lost.
The whispers of the city, they couldn't contain,
The pain we both felt, like pouring rain.
"I thought you had my back," I said with a tear,
But she turned away, her voice cold and clear.
"I can't stay in this mess, I gotta go,
Our love's unraveling, it's time to let it flow."
I held back the tears, tried to be strong,
But the ache in my heart felt oh, so wrong.
In the silence of the night, I cried alone,
My heartache cutting deep, an ache unknown.
Yet, amidst the pain, hope began to rise,
The strength within me, I'd come to realize.
I wiped away the tears, stood tall and strong,
"I'll mend this heart, and I'll move along.
You may have left me, but I'll still thrive,
I'll find my worth, I'll keep my drive."
With every stitch of courage, I embraced the pain,
Turning heartbreak to strength, like a hurricane.
In the depths of sorrow, I found my might,
For within heartache lies the power to ignite.
My heart once shattered, now stitched anew,
A testament to resilience, I'll pull through.
Love lost, but hope remains my guiding light,
A captivating story of strength and might.
In the heart of the city, I walk with grace,
A survivor of love's tempestuous chase.
My spirit unbroken, my smile now gleams,
For within my heart, hope forever beams.
And as I look back at the love left behind,
I find solace in the strength I'll always find.
For in the tapestry of love's intricate art,
I'll heal with time, these stitches of the heart.


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