Neon Noir(Love Notes)

by Dino Dhamphyr   Jul 29, 2023

Yo, tell me your desires, let me be the page,
Where you write your dreams, every want and rage,
Ain't no judgement here, it's our safe cage,
Your desires and needs, they set the stage.

Tell me what you want, tell me what you need,
If I ain't good enough, tell me, indeed,
Our love ain't a chase, ain't no ego to feed,
It's about understanding, it's about taking heed.

You got the control, and I'm here to listen,
Your voice, a map, under moonlight glisten,
My love for you ain't about possession,
It's about giving you the world, without any question.

Our connection deep, like the ocean tide,
In your presence, there's nowhere to hide,
When I lay you down, it's a soulful ride,
Your body speaks, there's no need to chide.

Speak your heart, don't hold back,
Your voice, the rhythm in our soundtrack,
If I ain't hitting the mark, let's change the track,
In this dance of ours, it's a give and take, not an attack.

Speak your truth, there ain't no rush,
In our urban symphony, amidst the hush,
Your wants, your needs, they form the brush,
Painting our love, in every touch and crush.


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