Symphony of knowledge: ode to the school summary

by Christen Kuikoua   Nov 15, 2023

In hallowed halls of learning's sacred light,
Where dreams doth take their winged and lofty flight,
There stands a school, a fortress of delight,
Its beauty found in minds, a radiant sight.

No mere abode of bricks and stones, this place,
But where young minds imbibe knowledge's embrace,
A tapestry, each thread a vibrant grace,
In every classroom, wisdom we do chase.

The magic of learning, like a potent brew,
Weaves spells as youthful minds are born anew,
As autumn leaves, in golden splendor, strew,
In books and lessons, truths take shape and hue.

'Tis not in facts and figures, as you know,
But in the journey, how we thrive and grow,
A path to self, a ceaseless ebb and flow,
Where wisdom's seeds in fertile minds we sow.

The laughter, like a stream in ancient halls,
A symphony of voices, as each soul calls,
The school's true beauty, like a star that falls,
In friendships forged, where every heart enthralls.

To thrive, to learn, within this hallowed ground,
A privilege, a quest where truth is found,
With teachers as our guides, our dreams unbound,
We soar through life, where endless beauty's crowned.

Let's treasure this domain where knowledge gleams,
Where wonder and inquiry grace our dreams,
In learning's enchantment, life's vibrant streams,
The school's enduring grace, our spirit beams.


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