Is It Wrong To Stay With You?

by Walter   Mar 7, 2024

I fell in love with not my heart
But instead with my eyes
And now that the time has passed
I've come to realise

My emotions are all confused
I cannot play the fool
But there seems to be no solution
When love is acting cruel

I'll bite my tongue and play along
As sometimes love is slow
I'll whisper all the longing words
That you want to know

I know it's wrong but is it worse
If I would break your heart?
Where I would feel all your tears
Because we are apart

I've been there, it hurts so much
When someone sets you free
And makes you fall upon your knees
Begging for a plea

When this to you means so much
Who says that love is fair?
And can it even still exist
If it will not flare?

Is it wrong to stay with you
Because it's been so long?
The times I imagine you're not there
Seem to feel so wrong

Maybe together we'll grow old
And look back on our past
Will we share different feelings
With why we made it last?

It'll prove that we can share a life
When it's better not to ask
Love seems to cover all emotions
When one will wear a mask


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