by mary   Aug 20, 2004

Is what I needed to get through
Common sense
Is what I needed to leave you
I needed respect
And I never found that in you
I used to love you, except
I eventually saw the real you
You may be gorgeous
But that don’t mean a damn thing
Your personality
Made you look like nothing
I’m a strong woman
And I got through
You thought you were a man
But you were just a boy trying to be cool
I’m not hurt
Because you don’t matter to me
Don’t apologize
Because it really doesn’t make a difference to me
I won’t cry
Because you’re not worth my tears
And I won’t hide
Because you’re not worth my fears
I thought I couldn’t leave
Because you made me weak
But the only weakness I had
Was having you in my life
I thought you had my back
But you just brought me strife
I used to think I could never walk away
Until I woke up and realized
How stupid could I be to stay?
You barely ever called me
And when you did we fought
You tried to ignore me
I cared, is what you thought
You tried talking to all my friends
But when you saw I didn’t care
You put it to an end
At first I thought I’d die without you by my side
But now that I’m gone
I can finally live my life
You were bringing me down
And I couldn’t get up
Until I got the strength to leave you
And realized you just screwed everything up
If I had to tell you how to treat me
Than I shouldn’t be with you
Because I’m a wonderful lady
That simply wasted my time on you
I shouldn’t have had to cry to you
For you to realize you messed up
You shouldn’t have done me wrong in the first place
But I’m just glad I gave you up
I didn’t have to keep wondering where you were
I wasted my time waiting with this pain
Thinking you were the cure
You had too much pride
To treat me right
I thought it was love at the time
But love is there by your side
I didn’t lose a relationship
Because I gained strength
I don’t know how I put up with your shit
But I finally put it to an end
I thought I couldn’t let you go because I was weak
But it was my strength that got me out
My strength helped me leave


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