Why can't i stop loving you?

by mikey jay   Aug 21, 2004

My love for you will never die,
I often ask myself why.

We've been through so much and we're still best friends,
I can't help but think of where it ends.

I hurt so bad cause you can't see,
That you n me are meant to be.

deep down you know it but you block it out,
because in your head your full of doubt.

I know you love me and try your best,
I know you wish my feelings were put to rest,

All your lies have made it worse,
I now think my love for you is a curse.

But one thing i know is that my feelings are here to stay,
No matter how hard i try to push them away.

you are the best thing in my life,
so my happiness i sacrifice,

Because in my heart you'll always be,
I'll love you for an eternity


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  • 16 years ago

    by mikey jay

    geez i cant believe someone rated this as BAD. i mean come on its not that crap

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