Sweeties Day

by Liz Suffecool   Oct 17, 2004

My words cant describe the way I felt
When I seen your face I wanted to melt
then you kissed my lips and said I was pretty
I started laughing and said you were silly

You finally said those words I was dying to hear
the ones I love you
and I said I love you 2
I was so happy just to have you there

your so cool and so perfect
Im so very glad we met
I love your black hair and your braces and you so much
I just want to feel your touch

I loved you for the longest time
now that you love me to your finally mine
its a dream come true
you loving me and me loving you

Its not the best poem but I hope you like it my b/f said I love you last night when he was over for sweeties day and Ive wanted to tell him I loved him since I seen his cute lil face he said he only likes me and now he loves me but how do you know when your in love I guess its just an instinct I really wish there was a book haha but ya


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