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Im elizabeth rose suffecool Ive been writing for many years now and it doesnt come as easy as it use to. I believe for time being Ive said what Ive got to say already and my words just dont come as natural as before. Ive been in love honestly twice and I still care strongly for them. my world is upside down lately and Im lost and not sure what to do.

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  • Age : 17
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Latest Poems By Liz Suffecool

  • At a lack of words to say the least
    can't put to words how I feel or what I mean...

  • Eh

    The rains pouring down and Im right here all alone
    cause in this storm no place feels like home...

  • Its crazy looking back thinking about it all...

  • I found you the missing peice to my puzzle
    the way you make me smile...

  • Some days I think about those people I once...
    But when you came along I knew you were what I was...

Latest Quotes By Liz Suffecool

  • Ive lived &Ive learned &nothing last forever Id rather be having a good time with friends then hanging with some guy whose gonna gone days weeks or months later why waste my time with the bullshit when I can be Living it up & Drinking it down

    12 years ago
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  • I wanna be the one you miss at the end of each day, the one whose kiss just makes your problems melt away, I wanna be the one whose your everything, your true love, your meaning

    12 years ago
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  • & its not that I stopped believing in true love, its just the only person I thought I truly loved, stopped loving me, just wanted to live happily

    12 years ago
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