A Broken Little Girl

by Hailey   Oct 21, 2004

I See My Future With One
My Past With The Other
Why Is Life So Unfair
Why Do I Even Bother

I Feel Two Different Loves
One Love That Cannot Be
The Other One Is Perfect
As Far As People See

Yet Deep In My Heart
I Know Which One Id Choose
Yet In That Case Its Definite
Id Obviously Loose

But Its Always In My Mind
Its Always Sitting There
How I Miss Him So
How I Still Really Care

Two Different Worlds
That Eventually Had To Part
Yet When They Broke
So Did My Little Heart

A Wonderful Guy
A Shining Knight
Came Many Months Later
To Make It Alright

Treated Me Like A Princess
Made Everything OK
The Love I Have For Him
Is In A Different Way

I See my life with him
Very Comfortable in fact
Hes utterly devoted
To Always watching my back

I love him this is true
More than words can say
yet i find myself thinking
About The Other Every Day

Two Totally Different Loves
From Each A Different World
And Stuck Right In Between
A Broken Little Girl


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