What I will give...

by Matthew   Jan 20, 2005

No words will describe
All the feelings inside,
With action soon she will see,
The love deep inside of me.

I’ve lived behind this mask
My whole entire life.
That no one could see though
That is, sept my future wife.

Who is this woman,
That I speak of with ease?
‘Tis the one of whom I'll love.
Who'll make me weak at the knees.

I can’t give her everything
And I can’t hide all the pain,
Or even repair her heart
With the chunks that remain..

But, what I can give is
Nothing short of my word.
To give her all that she wants
To give all she deserves.

All the love that she’s wanted
All the respect that she needs,
From a loving partner,
For whom shows little greed.

He who knows her best
From her ups and her downs.
Who will take her away
And ditch this old town.

This town full of memories.
All the good and sublime.
But also the pain
Trapped deep in her mind.

These are the things
That I promise to give.
And nothing more,
For as long as I live….



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