by Amerimov   Feb 16, 2005

I've seen more than the blind man
I've heard more than the deaf
I've said more than the mute ones
And I've felt more than the rest

Can you guide me through the lunch line?
Can you help me to my place?
My eyes seem to have left me
Now I must grope my way

What is it that you're saying?
I cannot hear your voice
Will you please turn down the music?
Silence is full of noise

When I move my lips
Empty breath issues forth
My tongue traces familiar patterns
Producing no sound

But when the sense of touch leaves you
When all the world becomes numb
Let me be there to hold you
Let me restore your feeling

I've lost my sight like the blind man
I hear no more like the deaf man
My mouth is empty like the mute ones
But I'll always reach out to you

Let me be your hands


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