My Love

by paulina.♥   May 3, 2005

Oh, my love,
I miss you so.
I wish I had never
Let you go.

From the moment
I saw you.
I knew we could be.
One happy, couple
For eternity.

At first you didn’t love me.
You didn’t really care.
But when we went out.
You were always there.

After a year had come and gone,
I wasn’t surprised that our love
For each other
Had stayed strong.

One day we broke up,
You called me on the phone.
Though we were so close,
We were both alone.

Your eyes were full of tears,
Your sobs were choked back.
The couple that had lasted two years,
Now had hearts cold and black.

You wanted my love,
Told me that I was like no other.
I was your ‘sparkling, white dove’
The one that you could smother.

But I refused, with my heart of stone.
I ignored your miserable sobs,
I thought I was better off alone.

One year later, here I am.
Writing about the love we once had.
Please excuse my lunacy.
I think I’m going mad.

(Dedicated to an ex-boyfriend. My first love. I miss him, but I know that I cannot get him back. I know this poem isn't one of my best. But the feelings and love behind it make up for the lack of everything else.)


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Mustardhart

    This is so sad, but ;lovely write. Keep writing, i hope you are fine now. Take care, hun. 5/5

  • 14 years ago

    by paulina.♥

    Thank you, Yulia. But that sweet-talking won't get you any closer to finding out who this is about.