After Graduation Choices

by Tiffany Marie   Jun 3, 2005

14 years of school,
With just one piece of paper to show,
No one thought that I would make it,
I proved them all wrong though.

Now that this is done,
Where do I go?
People keep asking me,
But this answer I just don't know.

I want to be successful,
I want to do something great,
I want to be a role model,
That is something no one can debate.

The dreams that I used to have,
Seem so unreal now,
I got myself in this mess,
I just don't know how.

Society expects so much,
They leave you without choices,
You are either a doctor or a lawyer,
They take away our voices.

Our future should be up to us,
No one should interfere,
These are our choices to make,
Let us pick our career.


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