by Tiffany Marie   Oct 6, 2004

Pain Pain go away...
Come back another day.
I'm sick and I'm tired,
Of being on display.

I'm not a trophy,
I'm not your prize,
I'm just a girl,
Who has opened her eyes.

Now seeing all the pains,
That you have started,
Now all the feeling I had,
Have departed.

Now knowing all of your wrongs,
Why do I still feel that love?
The love that I had for you,
Through every push and shove.

I want to forget about you,
I want all of the feelings to just fade away,
But here in my heart,
Your not welcome to stay.

So leave without a word,
There are not true explanations to be told,
I don't want to hear it,
Because all of your excuses are old.

Now I'm moving on,
To the better days,
Because now I know,
There are much better ways.

With you there was pain,
But now being single and free,
There will be no more bumps or bruises,
And that I can guarantee.


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  • 15 years ago

    by robyn

    i really liked this poem, maybe i should use it as my prayer before i go to bed at night.