by Link   Aug 2, 2005

I want you to know...
That nothing anyone
Can ever say or do
Can change the way i feel for you
That you are the only one
I've ever felt this strongly for.

And I want you to know...
That I will always be there for you
Through all the times, bad and good
No matter what,
I'd never turn my back on you,
Or give up on you.

I just want you to know...
That I Love you,
I love everything about you
And I know that sometimes
You worry that i don't mean that,
I just wish I could just show you
How much I really do mean it
Every time I say it,
I mean it with all my heart.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Missy_May

    hey, your wish has come true, cause now i know, i dont have to worry about you not meaning it, cause i know you do, you mean everything to me, more than everything actually, and i love you soo much, always have, i was never really sure weather or not you loved me, but, now i'm sure, and, wonderfull poem, i..loved it, and I love you. It's nearly 6 in the morning, so i'ma head to bed, i'm bushed :) goodnight, I love you <3