About a boy (Real Story =] Its great)

by Rachael Young   Oct 13, 2005

In life just doing the smallest thing
can make a big difference
this is a long poem,
But please read it =]
Its something that happened to my brother what he did, that made a change

In every day life, you may see
Ordinary people, Like you or me

But beneath the costume, hides an innocent soul
About the past, that has not been told

There is always one person, who is considered a geek
A nerd and a reject, and called a freak

But people do not realise, the heart inside
And think about the feelings, that person may hide

One long day, I was walking home
When I saw a boy all on his own

Carrying books, struggling with strain
No coat or umbrella, in the pouring rain

Teenagers past, sniggered and glared
They did not realise, that deep down he was scared

They tripped him up, He hit his face
Like a clash of thunder, the pain he embraced

Iran over, to help him to his feet
Carried his books, He walked in defeat

All the way home, we learnt about each other
Laughing and joking, like he was my brother

Today is graduation, a speech he will make
About a tale, when his life was at stake

He was nervous; so I gave him a pat on the back
"Break a Leg", and gave him a smack

When smiled and greeted, the audience went dead
As he opened his mouth and these words he said

Know body realises, how one moment can change
The life of a child, a mind that is derange

This is a tale, of my greatest friend
Who saved me from suicide, which made me contend.

That day I cleaned, my locker clear
So when I was gone, my mother would not shed a tear

I was carrying home, all my posters and books
This one special person, told me taught me it was not about looks

He accepted me for me, and that is who I am
And since that moment, I never gave a damn

About the bullies, that drove me to madness
Who sucked me in, to all my sadness.

His mother looked at me, Smiled and cried
And said if it was not for you my son would have died.

This is a message, to people that do not understand
How a smile or hello, can expand

The life of that person, who feels so low
That keep there emotions inside, so you will never know

Please rate this work
Its for my Exam =]


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by babblingxbrooke

    This poem flowed really well and it was very heart warming...great job!


  • 15 years ago

    by Crystal

    This sounds like a poem I have heard before, either way, it is really good.

  • 15 years ago

    by Crystal

    Wow! This is a great poem! Good job!

  • 15 years ago

    by amanda

    Oh and i forgot to say, i can relate to this poem right now. I dont know!! I know I can trust you, but I like this boy and he seems to be scared to let people know how he feels cuz he got hurt with one of his exs and im pretty sure he still has feelings for her. My friend told me that he still has feelings for me too but he is confused and we went out but we decided to jus t be friends and I miss him. oh and sorry that i am teeling you all this its just how i feel and i dont know can you write a poem about that i want to see how it'll sound. well got to go write back.

  • 15 years ago

    by amanda

    THis is a good poem your a very good writter for just being 13. Keep up the good work and dont just use poetry as a past time you have talent.
    much love
    God bless you!!