by ♥Madison Meeks♥   Nov 22, 2005

Please come to my rescue, I`m drowning in these tears I shed, please comes to my rescue again, I`m drowning in this blood I bled.Save me from the laughter, Its tearing me apart, save me from the hatred, Its breaking my heart.I just cant take it anymore, I will just run away, and i was about to, then i noticed my purpose to stay.I felt so hated, then I looked in your eyes, then i found happiness, instead of those old lies.I love you, are the only words I can say, and though i don't believe in god, for you i pray.I need a way, to get rid of this pain, i need to find,find more love to gain.I found a way, as i reach my arm out, I grab the knife, And don't feel any doubt!...

*Please read the rest, I hope it all makes sense in the last part!*


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