Rescue part 2

by ♥Madison Meeks♥   Nov 22, 2005

*If you have not read part 1, read it first, it will make more sense*

You burst in yelling, And the knife I drop, then you start to cry, and i plead for you to stop.In these exact words you said, "I already feel the pain!," then I look down, and see my blood stain.I opened my eyes, and didn't know what to do, I was freaking out, then i thought about you.It was all a dream, nothing was there, but what i wanted to know, why did i think you'd care?You don't like me, thats what i sometimes hear, but what if you don't love me, cause a broken heart is all you fear?That is my only worry, but my love i will never forget, though my love may break my heart, my love i will never regret.My mind is wrong, my heart is right, in the world i live in, you make the sun bright.

*please read the rest, it isn't finished yet*


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