Rescue Part 3

by ♥Madison Meeks♥   Nov 22, 2005

*if you have not read part 1 or 2 or either of them go back and read them, it will make more sense.*

I dream only for you, and i only dream for what i need, my love is now a tree, and every tree starts as a seed.That seed was happiness, happiness you gave to me, You gave me wings to fly, you showed me the world where i am free.I am free to love, i am free to smile, you gave that to me, you made my life worth the while.If i was your tear, i would never drop from your eye, I would be too afraid to leave, to afraid to say goodbye.No matter how far away you go, ill come too, to hear every word you say, and just to find out something new.I dream of you each night, think of you every day, for you and only you, is the only reason i stay.Now if you knew, how i just said i feel, maybe this wouldn't be a fantasy, maybe this would become real!


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