He Belongs To Her

by Bia   Nov 24, 2005

I fell in love today,
it took me by surprise,
When he turned around to smile,
and looked me in my eyes.

But he will never know
about my secret feeling.
His heart belongs to her,
and I'm not too good at stealing.

How does he stay so happy,
when she treats him oh so bad?
Just hearing the way she talks to him,
makes me oh so mad.

He deserves so much better,
a woman to treat him right.
Instead of one who's out,
with a new guy every night.

Maybe one day he'll leave her,
in search for someone good.
Until then, I'll go on living my life,
like any normal person would.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Eloquent Tears

    I think that was a very good poem..especially the part about not being too good at stealing that was cute