My Love Story (Part 1)

by ♥Diana Cardero ©♥   Nov 24, 2005

It was that late December night that she met a boy on line
He seemed really nice and a boy that shared his time
They began talking and learning new things about each other
And how they wanted to find the person to be their lover

But little did they know that the person whom they dream of
Was on the other side of their computers, as well begging for love
Later that night they gained a little trust on the things they'd shared
Especially since the other person seemed as if they truly cared

They went on and on talking about the problems each other had
They would try to cheer up the moment when the other person would seem to be sad
And even if they had never seen each other in person or talked on the phone
They still shared their troubles and each day their friendship had grown

One early January day the girl seemed to be heartbroken
Because her boyfriend broke up with her, because of words that had been spoken
About her cheating and liking another man
And even though none was true, he still went on and left her reaching for his hand

She called him that day for the first time and told him what was going on
He said not to worry that along life come better men
And as his eyes got watery and he began to sober
He hung up the phone so that she wouldn't know he wanted her as his lover

But then as he calmed down he called her back and said he was sorry for it
As they talked, he began to think and wonder how his and her hands would fit
How she looked in person and how they can find a way to meet
He took a deep breath and as he asked her out, faster his heart would beat

She took a couple of seconds to answer his question
But of course she said yes, and that shed been so happy that it'd been mentioned
She told him how she wanted to ask him out but she was shy
And he laughed and told her that his answer wouldn't even take a second to decide

Diana Cardero

please tell me how I'm doing!


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by StefQ

    Awsome poem , i love reading other peoples story's =) i wrote one to :"My love story" if you want to read ...
    anyways another 5/5 and now let's go to part 2 lol


  • 15 years ago

    by ~*~*Jenna Leigh*~*~

    Hey very well done!!!
    it reminds me of myself right and a guy have been talking over the internet for about 2 years now and we have been wanting to go out and yeah...we might even give it a try!!! lol
    well, anyways! keep it up! well done
    ~*~*Jenna Leigh*~*~

  • 15 years ago

    by Amberinaa

    Wow. it was really good. Infact it was awsome. It reminded me of when i met my first love. I met him over the internet too. it was like a fairytale and that poem was awsome.

  • 15 years ago

    by 6*9lily6*9

    Great...liking it.keep it up. i wishedi could write like neway nice poem. ill be waiting for nexts parts,


  • 15 years ago

    by La ShOrTy

    Hey very nice poem and thankx for the comment

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