My Love Story (Part 2)

by ♥Diana Cardero ©♥   Nov 24, 2005

As Saturday night was approaching they talked everyday on the phone
And since she was grounded, she could only talk when shed be home alone
He took it as a clue that she liked him because if not she wouldn't do that
And every night when they'd hang up, he'd call her back

He'd call her just to tell her he really cared
And that if he ever wanted his love to be shared
He would want it to be her, and only her
Because he thought he loved her for sure

It was Thursday and they were great
It had been one month since they met online at eight
And now they new each other more than they knew themselves
It was like they'd gone to a library and read every book on every shelf

She, and it was so wonderful he thought
How he'd met her and she was so perfect that they had never fought
They'd never had a fight and never thought of having one
For some reason their friendship was so perfect, as a perfectly written song

Now it was Saturday night, nine o'clock
She waited by the stands for him to show up
Then slowly he turned around the corner and all she saw was him
And every other thing disappeared and everything started to dim

Love at first sight, that's what they call it, to love someone so quick
She felt so good, and he felt so lucky to have the right pick
They said hi and gave each other a little peck on the cheek
They both were so happy that they had finally had time to meet

The night was great and so was the movie, but that wasn't important
They were close and just enjoy hearing each others breathe, as if it was a chant
The movie was over as they got up to leave the theatre
They stood in one spot as he examine her every perfect feature

They wanted to kiss, but didn't dare
They didn't want to get rejected, and that got them scared
She smiled at him and led him out
As they walked out the door, he had no doubt

She was the one, the one to complete his heart
The one girl that would stay by his side and never break apart
She thought similarly, he was the guy to make her forget
That horrible guy that once meeting she regrets

©Diana Cardero


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  • 15 years ago

    by StefQ

    Adorable ending =) i loved the second part 2, it's just amazing =) keep it up, you're pretty talented =) 5/5 =)


  • 15 years ago

    by Jerrys¤baby¤girl

    VERY GOOD.. Keep on truckin

  • 15 years ago

    by Live, Laugh, Love

    Aww that was so adorable. Better than the first one. Cute Cute

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