The Pain of Life

by Samantha   Dec 29, 2005

These tears inside

draw all too close

while whispered voices

taunt and boast.

The friends I had

and thought I knew

were never there

never true.

Things look down

while I look up

it never seems

that I have luck.

Why go on?

why even try?

when all I want

is to sit and cry.

Alone in dark,

alone in light,

alone in day,

alone in night.

I try to stand,

but weak and frail,

I fall to earth,

I live to fail.

No light ahead,

there never was,

I refuse to stop,

Why? ...because.


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  • 15 years ago

    by cuppycake

    I like the space between the lines it gives it a more dramatic effect. I also like how the ending was written, with a simple word that makes the poem almost. great job.


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