by jenny   Feb 4, 2006

I put on a huge fake smile
think of something happy to say
i do whatever i can
to fool everyone I'm ok

but inside I'm still hurting
i cant hide from all the pain
you helped me in proving
that all boys are the same

you promised you'd never hurt me
after all the heartbreak i already had
you said he never deserved me
but you hurt me just as bad

u were there to catch me
when he had let me fall
but now you have dropped me
and I'm lost, I'm not myself at all

its starting to get much easier
as time passes me by
I'm starting to be me again
and no longer want to die

so i wear a big true smile
and i have good things to say
because i know no matter what
very soon ill b ok!


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  • 15 years ago

    by Dean Russell-Rands

    Wow jenny - good poem but you know what i'm gonna say - i'm one of the few good ones and in being a good one i can say you are a gorgeous girl with a great personality so you'll definitely find a good guy who'll treat you well - i'm not saying it'll be easy because you're gorgeous and practically every man will want you just be wary and the right one will come - and if you come across another bad apple i'm sure you could hire a btec assasin lol i'm glad ur starting to feel happy for real again cos i know how horrible fake smiles feel - keep writing vos ur gr8 5/5 =)

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