Amoureux de Toi

by Aodh Hyperion   Jan 15, 2004

Love was one of the things I used to disbelieve in
Stuck in time lost inside myself
Walking on the shells through the moonlight
Wondering something I\'ve never felt
I could feel my hair gently moved by the wind
I wish I were a bird so I could fly in the sky

A falling star landed on my hands with no fear
And I noticed your soft heavenly eyes gazing into me
My heart started beating faster as my eyes dropped a tear
There\'s only you and no one else to see

Je suis amoureux de toi
Mon amour durera toute la vie
Je t\'aimerai pour toujours
Le sien amour faire une joyeuse journeé

A tear runs on my face
Like an endless river that brings happiness
You lie down on my side
And all bad moments I\'ve been through are now behind
Our love is a single flame
That even burns all those that are loveless

You are the one I wanna share my life with forever
Dream about you every night
I miss you when you\'re out of my sight
Distance means nothing ‘cause my love is in your heart

I wanna run away with you to the infinite
Move mountains to make way for you
Love you till the last whisper of life
Feeling your heart beats with mine
Oh, my love I wouldn\'t last a day without you
The only explanation I have found is
You are my guardian angel full of bliss
That really touched my sad heart


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Ciao Bella

    I LOVE this poem j'aime beaucoup i love frnech style poems good job


  • 16 years ago

    by Aodh Hyperion

    Thanks for the compliment. I've got several poems and I'll submit some...

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