I'll Love You Forever?

by Jesse   Feb 15, 2006

It seems that this always happens
Nothing ever goes my way
Since you broke my heart
As you left that day

There's nowhere to go
So just stay with me
'Cause since you've been gone
I've been begging you please

To tell me you're not alright
That you wish you weren't gone
To tell me you're not okay
And you needed me all along

It seems that every time
You swear you're leaving
I end up on my knees
To keep you believing

What ever happened
To 'I'll love you forever?'
Was it all just a lie?
Did you ever consider?


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  • 13 years ago

    by Angel

    Oh that was good with the title I thaugt it ment I would love you for ever!!But instead it was one of those you said it and it went away that was great!!!!!!!!!!!

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