Nothing is goint to bring us down

by Valeria   Mar 5, 2006

..everyday i wish u were here i know things are getting hard but this love is still real..all the rumors and the trash are not bringing us down because we have gone through a lot to just leave it behind.
their is a lot of people want to break us apart but i know this is not going to happend going to fight for what i want..
i want u to know that till this day my love for u has been growing by each passing day and that no matter what this love i have for u will forever stay.

thanks u guys for voting an commenting on my poems ..i know they are not the best..but still thanks for boyfriend and i are going through alot...with his parents and just a whole bunch of pessimistic people..but i hope that u guys are doing the same as i am FIGHTING FOR WHAT U WANT AND KEEP UR Head up u guys so much..


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