An old-school rhyme, applied to a new time

by Anastacia   Apr 12, 2006

You swept me off my feet,
Might have been love at first glance,
And you said you\'d never meet,
A young woman like me again.

But, as you are well aware, we split,
and when you asked me back,
I reluctantly said yes, and it
Died faster than the last.

You think you\'re slick, you called me up,
And I didn\'t want to answer,
But to appease the sentiment, picked up
you said, \"lets be friends, I swear\"

So we met together with a mutual friend,
But soon that party ended...
And despite your commitment to someone else,
You eyed me with sinful intentions.

Sitting in that red eclipse ,
I knew you'd not resist me,
So you kissed me once, you kissed me twice,
And looked at my body lustfully.
Sorry, you're not getting lucky.

You fed me lies to make me happy,
Like \"My heart belongs to you\",
But when you awoke, you quickly realized,
What you said was not the truth.
It sure sucks to be you,
Liar, liar, pants-on-fire.

You left me confused and torn,
And I didn\'t know what to do.
You told me you\'d break up with her,
But spoke falsely of that too.
May God have mercy on you,
Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater.

I can see the future now,
You are seventy, at best,
You have gone through five wives or more,
And you\'re on your deathbed.
A broken life have you led,
Liar, liar pants on fire.

As you lie there disabled and feeble,
You slowly begin to cry,
You\'re ex-wives are all around you, laughing at the sight.
They know you\'re late for your meeting with the king of cheats and lies.
Mr. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater,
Is a liar, liar, who\'s pants are on fire!!!!


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