I would give him my heart my soul

by Sierra~ICE~   Apr 15, 2006

Undefined feelings capture my heart
As Unspoken words sting my lips
tention tears away at my chest
As I start to lose my grip

Hiding my true desires
Deep down inside my mind
not letting a word escape from my mouth
My secrets are confined

only I bear the pain of this love
Without holding any remorse for these feelings
I don't regret ever falling for him
I regret the happiness ive been stealing

Bringing myself down fast
Falling hard upon the floor
Taking away my time for him
I just can't do this anymore

I would rip my own heart out
Digging deep inside my chest
I would place it in his hands
While I layed down upon the ground to rest

I would give him my torn soul
If he could accept all of my sins
Theres one thing I would have to do first
For the soul is from deep within

I would take my own life for him
Only then my soul would be set free
Once my deed was done and over with
He would only have a sweet remembrance of me.


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