Walking Down the Ocean Shore

by Cris   May 7, 2006

As the sun peeks over the blue ocean horizon
And its crimson rays heat the sand,
I walk down the water's edge,
Welcoming the influence of the cold seawater on my bare feet

The sun has fully opened its eye upon the ocean shore,
Lightly breaking the waves are â?? alas the tide is coming up
I move up on to the dryer area of the sand, heated by the sunâ??s eye not to long ago
Though as I tread up, a peaceful sight enthralls my eyes

In the distance, mothers are feeding their young with food fresh from the ocean blue
I pass by them only to hear a rumble of thunder and see dark angry clouds filling the sky
Alas â?? the peaceful sunâ??s rays have been blocked
And Mother Natureâ??s fury is unleashed on the blue ocean shore

I scramble for my possessions, and shelter myself in a nearby cove, filled with life
Tisâ?? a paradise of minuscule greens which cover the ground beneath my feet
And a conurbation of life above me
Creating two faces of life â?? one to the top and to the bottom

The storm outside the cove has let up, leaving many bits and pieces
Of ocean life scattered about the shoreline taken from deep within the ocean blue
As the sun begins to close its eye, the moon climbs the ladder of gravity,
And exudes a white night light, cooling the sand and ocean blue and promoting sleep,

Down the ocean shore


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  • 15 years ago

    by Breeeezie

    This is sooo cute