She's Not Ok

by DaddysLittlePrincess   May 12, 2006

I originally made this to be a song but i dont know the * is the chorus let me know what you think I'm sorry its kind of long...

So take a look at your masterpiece boy
It's your best work yet
You destroyed her and shattered her world
Do you remember when you said you'd love her forever?
Do you remember?

*Look into her eyes and know she's not OK
Her heart's been shattered only pieces remain
The smile she wears is a fake
And everyone can tell that she's not OK
So why can't you?

What does she have to do to make you get it?
She wants this to work
She wants it so bad it hurts
She trys to talk to you and each day you don't call her back
Her world slips farther out of her hands
She waits for that call
The one when you say you made a mistake
Though she knows it will never come

She could go on forever about why she loves you
You loved her when she didn't love herself
You made her feel beautiful for once in her life
She loves you because for the first time
She didn't have to work to be happy

The road may seem far but the heart knows no miles
Just send a little smile her way, send a couple words too
She tripped on your kiss and stumbled into your love
It wasn't her fault; you stuck out your foot
You're the reason she wakes up wanting to die
And the reason she falls asleep as tears fill her eyes


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Smilesunshine

    I think its really good!!!!
    i love the emotion you put into it
    very good i loved it

    - Nikki

  • 14 years ago

    by Ciera

    Yo that fire. I like that one as well. lol Ya last verse well you know the last part was real nice.

  • Hey beautiful peom, i really feel so much emotion from this poem, well done!
    Love Mel

  • 14 years ago

    by jello

    Oh wow this was good...very well written. good job

    thank you for the comment on my poem :)

  • 14 years ago

    by Sweet lig

    Well its written so well very great.... i want ur poems