You Are My All

by Kate   May 16, 2006

So we have this little thing,
its very small indeed,
no one needs to know,
it just settles a need.

what it is we have,
is very special to me,
its romantic and fantastic,
but no one will ever see.

every time i see your face,
i stare into those bright blue eyes,
We both love what we have,
we both hate the good byes.

holding me the way you do,
Its so simple and so sweet,
just lying there its perfect,
we can both feel the heat.

the many afternoons we spend together,
always seem to end,
i wish it could last forever,
and we would never have to pretend.

It love it when we dream,
about how our lives will be,
well conquer the world together,
well always be free.

I love you baby and,
Im sure its not just lust,
they may never believe us,
but, we know we have trust.

what we have now is amazing,
you mean the world to me,
it can only get better,
from here on you will see,

We have been through a lot together,
through the happy and the sad,
theres a lot more to come,
with that, Im glad.

You make me me, gorgeous,
with all the time we spend,
we make each other happy,
you are my best friend,

And with the times we fight,
you know ill always love you,
thats whats so great about us,
our love is always going to be true.

So as it turns out,
what we have isnt that small,
its just something we keep to ourselves,
Baby, you are my all.


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Latest Comments

  • 16 years ago

    by PorcelainMoon

    Jesus Kate. That's a fuxking pro effort, you tuly rock. I could learn so much poeticly off you.

    Dean- XoX

  • 16 years ago

    by FlirtingWithDeath

    Awwww Kayate I love this poem. I'm so glad you feel this way :D I know who it is too...ME RIGHT lol jk. Great job hun a billion out of 5

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