ABC's of lust

by Rebecca   Jul 19, 2006

A is for Affection of which we both must miss.
B is for beauty that you are on that picture.
C is for Caresses of which I promise lots.
D is for my Devotion, perhaps I've got "The Hots"
E is for the Ecstasy to which I'll take you to.
F is for Fondly and is how I think of you.
G is for being Grateful for meeting you on line.
H is for all the Hugging I'll do to you in time.
I is for the Inspiration you had to call me back.
J is for the knave of Hearts, better known as Jack.
K is for Kissing of which we'll do so much.
L is for the Loving when our bodies do eventually touch.
M is for Missing You, when we are apart.
N is for the Nice thoughts I feel are in your heart.
O is for Orgasms of which I'll give you many and also for Openess of your thoughts for which I'll give you a penny.
P is for the Passion we both hope to enjoy.
Q is for me Ken a romantic Quiet boy.
R is for Romance perhaps a meal for two.
S is for the shagging I'd like to do to you.
T is for Tongues of which French kissing forms a part.
U is for your Underwear from you I wish to part.
V is for Value and the worth of Friendship to me.
W is for Waiting, forever if that's how it's got to be.
X is for Existing and knowing it is spelt wrong.
Y is for You, with whom I want to belong.
Z There's no word i know for "Zee" so here I'll end and let it be.


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