As the day creeped upon me

by Kallie   Aug 7, 2006

As tho i feel for you what I've never felt for any another
A feeling of mixed emotions
A feeling of love
A feeling of hate
So many indescribable feelings which I'm feeling for you
But yet the feelings are amazing and true
I'd love for you to stay around forever
But i know the day will come when you'll back up and go
Nothing lasts forever
No matter what the critics say
No love story lasts forever
Real people with real situations and real drama like us never have our own perfect Love story like you see in the movies
No matter how much you want thing to stay the same
The more it's likely to change
As that day creeps upon me
I hear you say you love me
But yet your leaving me?
And all i have to say to you is
I'd love to hate you and i hate to love you.


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