The Fire Dance

by Rowena Smith   Aug 22, 2006

The fire crackled and roared

The People danced bare footed

The leaves of autumn

Crunched under their feet

As they danced

Their wild dance

Where had they come from?

Why had they come?

Their settlement was rickety

Their homes were makeshift

Why had they come to this dreary place?

Wilder and wilder their dance became

Their bodies lit up eerily

What is this dance as I joined them?

Their children were tumbling

Twisting and turning

Flitting and spinning

On and on they dance

Tireless, tireless

As they spin

Faster, faster they go

They spun in circles

They weaved in and out

When they danced the fire dance

They came to a halt

Exhilarated and wild

What was going on?

Men and children flipped in the air

Faster and faster

They flew over the fire

They spun around the fire

The Fire dance had become

As they flitted to and throe


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