by Brandon   Sep 22, 2006

Cold grey fog
Dances all around me
I cant see in front of me
For it is competely dark
Old cracked headstone
Lay gently on the ground
As my bare feet move swiftly Across them
And yet i feel safe
Someone is dancing with
But I see no face
The massive tomb doors open
My figers trace the outline
Of the ivory carved tomb
I feel no harm nor fear
I enter without wondering
What is lying here
Cobwebbs hit my face
But I do not scream
I know what is with me
Keeps me safe
I feel the lid
Of the grave
Its such a smooth lid
Like its velvet laced
The lid slowly opens
And theres a girl there
Lying in a dress
Of beautiful black and red lace
I start to see the face
This is the first time i scream
I know that face
For it is mine
Theres a note on the ground
It says I will be seeing you around
Signed your lover
From the underground


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