When? Why? and Where?

by ashley   Sep 22, 2006

When did you ever think about my feelings
When did u ever think I would feel OK to be apart
When did you ever think that me knowing your with her wouldn't make me break down and cry
When was it OK to end something you knew meant the world to me

Why are you with her
Why do you love everything she is
Why don't you even call to see how i am
Why do you not see I'm dieing inside for the one guy i ever loved
Why do i mean nothing after you said we could be anything we wanted to be
Why promise me everything and return nothing in the end
Why break me when i was held so high

Where did you think this was going to go
Where was the love you said you always showed
Where is the future that was meant to be
Where is the you and me

For once in your life own up and be a man
She may be good, but she will never love you like i did
She will never be there for you like i was
She could never care the way i did
Her heart will never live to be happy with only you

Can't you see all these questions left unanswered is what you left me with
No proper goodbyes or we can still be friends
Just an empty silence of something that is now dead


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  • 13 years ago

    by linda

    The love of my life jus left me 4 another gurl n it just kills me 2 c them 2gether.he said we could b friends but he jus passes me like a stranger.so i no how u feel...im sorry..