by Mandi   Nov 2, 2006

My love for you,
Is never ending.
With all of these feelings,
I can't keep pretending.

Where did I go wrong,
What do they all expect?
With all of these questions,
I feel like a murder suspect.

Maybe it would be easier,
If I would simply go.
For I can not hide these feeling,
That no one should really know.

But I won't shed a single tear,
Not for someone like you.
Not for someone who told me for so long,
That they were in love with me too.

Why does it have to end like this,
Why did you break my heart?
Can't we just be friends,
Who slowly drift apart?

Maybe this is a dream,
But the pain is all so real.
No one will ever understand,
This hurt I have to feel.

For I have loved no other,
With all my soul and heart.
And now that I am close to you,
We need some time apart.

What can I do with out you,
What about this pain?
Nothing left to lose,
But nothing left to gain.

Forever I will miss you,
For always I will care.
And every time I think of you,
I will see you there.

I stand in the exact place,
Where everything fell apart.
Every time I do this,
I remember the whole inside my heart.

When will I have my chance,
To really fall in love.
To meet that special guy,
With eyes from heaven above.


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