It's Hard

by ASHLEiiGH   Dec 16, 2006

It's hard to tell you the truth
knowing you'll flip out
its hard to trust you
when your out and about
its hard to deal with the fights
i cant deal with them anymore
its hard to fall asleep when im crying
too many sleepless nights
its hard to have friends
i hate being accused of chilling with other guys
its hard to go for a walk
knowing the possibility of seeing you
its hard to smoke with memories of what used to be us
too many tears fall down my face like the pouring rain
its hard to stop the tears from falling
their uncontrolable
its hard to remember why I even bothered with you
you was just a waste of time
too many tears
too many lies
too my fears
too many fights
its hard to love someone like you
when I dont know if you ever loved me.


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